Fees & Charges Policy

Policy Statement

The Bairnsdale Christian Community School is a non-profit organisation, and therefore will only make payable fees and charges which are appropriate to meeting the needs and purposes of the School, as outlined in the Incorporation documentation.

In summary, they are:

  • for the educational benefit of the children enrolled, or to be enrolled at the School, and
  • for the continued viability of the School to continue to provide quality education in the future.

Therefore, the calculation of school fees will be to allow the school to function to the required standard of excellence on a day-to-day basis, and to enable the school to have reasonable funds to contribute to capital works (of educational value) in the near future.

Any capital expansion programs (e.g. the stages of development of the school buildings) will be presented to members within a reasonable time, to allow them to make comment and seek feedback on the virtue of the proposed program.

The financial budgets, which will be presented at the general meeting each year, will forecast expected financial inflows and outflows for the coming year in both recurrent and capital areas. It is the intention of Bairnsdale Christian Community School Inc. to be transparent and accountable to members in regard to the financial position of the organisation.

Fees Process

  • Fees and charges for the coming school year will be declared in Term 4 of the present year.
  • At that time terms for payment will also be disclosed.
  • Standard terms: A discount of 5% will apply to all fees paid within 21 days of the date of invoice in each term.
  • Fees and charges will be paid on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
  • All current year fees and charges must be paid by the end of each term.
  • Outstanding fees and charges owing after this date will place enrolment for the future year at risk. (Enrolment cannot be guaranteed until outstanding fees and charges are negotiated satisfactorily).

Fees and charges will cover tuition charges, text books, and subsidise stationery requirements and any excursion or other required activities.

Multiple Enrolments

  • First child: full fees
  • Additional children: base rate

Financial Difficulties

It is not the intention of BCCS Inc. to deny access to any student enrolment on the basis of the family’s inability to pay prescribed fees and charges. Where parents or guardians wish to enrol students in the school but are concerned with some aspect of the fee structure or their ability to pay, the school is open to consider an application for enrolment for your children. While currently there is no planned process for this situation, the school has been established on Christian principles, and will therefore attempt to accommodate parents who desire their children to receive a Christian education. Parents applying for special consideration need to show evidence of financial difficulty.

Building Fund Contributions

Contributions to the BCCS Building Fund will be eligible for contributors as a valid taxation deduction. A proportion of standard fees will be allocated to the Building Fund each year. The proportion will vary with the needs of the school.

Fee Structure

Per Annum

  • 1st Child: $2800
  • Base rate: $1200

Families with a child in prep will receive a discount on Term 1 fees as prep students only attend 4 days a week during first term.

Terms of Payment

Fees and charges cover tuition charges, text books, stationery requirements and subsidise any local excursions or other required activities, and will be invoiced in the first week of each term.

Each terms fees will be due and payable by the end of that term. Discounts of 5% apply to all fees paid within 21 days of the date of invoice.

The school will request an annual donation of $100 per family, which will be paid into a Tax Deductible fund for ongoing infrastructure. This will be requested in Term 3 so as to spread the costs over the year. This amount is per family and not dependant on the number of children.

Parents are strongly encouraged to discuss difficulties with payment of fees or changes to financial situations with the Business Manager.

Bairnsdale Christian Community School aims to make every effort to provide an affordable Christian education.

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