March 19th, 2018

Uniting against bullying

News Date: March 19th, 2018

Bairnsdale Christian Community School stood together against bullying last week, with a series of events and classroom activities educating students about positive behaviours and attitudes, highlighting school values to bring the community together and reinforce the message that bullying and violence is wrong.

As part of the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, children, parents and friends spent the week writing encouraging messages on the school’s footpaths, creating a Strategies Tree and learning about different forms of bullying during class time. Principal, Lynn Morrison, said student behaviour is a whole school issue.

“At BCCS we work with parents to target bullying and other undesirable behaviour both at school and outside school. Our new Strategies Tree is a safe place for students to go if they are experiencing bullying in the playground and a way to quietly ask for help.

“From time to time, as with any school, bullying is an issue, and it is our goal to work with our school community to eradicate this issue through educating students in self-awareness and solutions based strategies which empower them in being able to take specific action if they find themselves in a bullying or violent situation - whether being the bully, bullied or bystander,” she said.

Ms Morrison said the students enjoyed learning about ways to prevent and interrupt bullying and to encourage their peers.

“We had children drawing pictures and writing positive messages on the footpaths around the school, with parents and friends contributing to the artwork.

“On Friday, children, parents and friends enjoyed a Friendship Picnic then joined in games run by our Grade Six leaders. Our week finished with students standing together and giving their voice to a presentation which celebrated the efforts made during the week to use positive words and encourage each other.

“Each of the measures we put in place during the week will continue as part of our ongoing commitment to each child receiving the care and nurturing they need to fulfill their potential and become who God created them to be.”

For further information about the BCCS program, please contact the school on 5153 0079.