Below is just a snapshot of the many different aspects to school life at BCCS. From classroom activities and sports carnivals to the Kinder and Meals on Wheels programs, our students share in a wide variety of experiences, activities and events.

Class Structure

Our four classes are arranged as composite classes with about 20 students in each class. Class arrangements vary each year depending on the number of students in each year level.

In 2018, the arrangements are:

  • Prep with Mrs Grummisch
  • 1/2 with Miss Silvestro and Mrs Twining
  • 3/4 with Mr Bazley
  • 5/6 with Mrs Eveleigh


Special Needs Support

      Each of our classes has its own dedicated Teacher's Aide. These staff members work with and encourage all of the students, but especially focus on helping students who need further assistance, guidance or specific special needs.

Sports Carnivals

We join with other small local schools to participate in Cross Country and Athletics events, and also run our own sports events which all students are able to participate in.

Students are then able to progress to District, Division and State levels of competition.

School Camps

Students from Prep-6 always enjoy and look forward to their yearly camps/sleepovers.

The younger classes start with movie nights at school, progressing to overnight and multiple night trips, up to the much anticipated week-long Grade 6 trip to Melbourne.

Grade Six Leadership Program

All of our Grade 6 students are treated as leaders and are involved in leadership development activities throughout the year.

As the eldest children in our school they are expected to be good role models and take care of their fellow students.

Community Programs

Each year BCCS students are involved in a number of community programs, both in the local area and beyond. Over the years this has included:

  • Meals on Wheels (Bairnsdale)
  • Cows Create Careers (an initiative of Dairy Australia)
  • Run for Bibles (in support of Bible League)
  • Jump Rope for Heart (an initiative of the Heart Foundation)
  • Operation Christmas Child (an initiative of Samaritan’s Purse)

Students are also regularly involved in the Bairnsdale Christmas Parade, the Bairnsdale Show and visits to local Aged Care facilities to perform for the residents.