Our Vision

Our School is a vibrant community partnering with parents to educate, nurture and equip their children to the highest standard so they shine wherever they are, discovering their unique gifts and serving God significantly and passionately in a complex world.

Our Mission

We will create a caring, supportive environment, and will encourage students to learn of God, and respond to Him in love, faith and trust. Every child will be valued as an individual, and encouraged to develop his/her God given abilities and potential.

We will encourage students to:

  • Discern a Christian world and life view in their personal commitments
  • Take responsibility for their choices
  • To live with integrity in the face of complex challenges

We will provide a curriculum that:

  • Meets Government requirements
  • Serves the goals of the students
  • Addresses contemporary issues of society
  • Is always faithful to the Bible

We will provide prompt, effective access to staff for all parents for the purpose of resolving concerns, addressing questions and building a cooperative approach to the education of each student.

We will maintain a staff for the school who are:

  • Dedicated Christians
  • Professionally trained and competent in their area of teaching
  • Committed to the vision of the school community
  • Able to model to the students an approach to Christian living that has integrity and purpose

We will establish and carefully maintain facilities to enable each child to receive training of an excellent standard.

We will create an environment that encourages a Christian community to develop, embracing family values and relationships across the Christian community.

Our Values


The School community will be recognised for their love of God, people and the environment.

The students and staff will show their love for God by:

  • Being prayerful
  • Being responsive to God’s Word
  • Participating in the Christian community
  • Sharing their faith

The students and staff will demonstrate their love for others by:

  • Being genuinely interested in the welfare of others
  • Considering others before themselves
  • Conveying a sacrificial attitude
  • Being equipped for works of service

The students and staff will be respecters and stewards of the environment, God’s creation.


The School community will be able to understand the world and life from a biblical perspective.

The students and staff will:

  • Accept and understand the Bible as God’s revelation of truth to men and apply this truth to the issues of life
  • Discern and know what is good according to the teachings of the Bible
  • Acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour


The School community will exhibit the Godly characteristics of honesty, faithfulness and justice.

The students and staff will:

  • Be truthful in all they think, say and do
  • Be loyal to God, their fellow men and commitments
  • Have a Godly understanding of wrong and right
  • Live consistently with their convictions

Child Safety Statement

Bairnsdale Christian Community School is committed to being a Child Safe school. As such it has a zero tolerance for any form of child abuse. BCCS is committed to ensuring each child is kept safe from harm and is committed to acting in the child’s best interests at all times.

BCCS treats its responsibilities with regards to Child Protection very seriously and with the utmost importance. To this end, policies have been developed and communicated with the community as well as procedures for all staff to follow to ensure every child is safe whilst attending our school.

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