Why Christian Schools? What Every Parent Needs to Know

The Role of Parents

Christian schools help parents to train the next generation to understand the real world as God designed it. Their hope is that children will discover their place in God’s great story, learn how to serve others and be better prepared for life. In Christian schools parents can do together what they feel they cannot do alone. They remain active and willing participants rather than merely consumers of an educational service.

For more videos and information visit the Why Christian Schools website.

Parent Communication App

BCCS uses the uEducateUs Student Management and Parent Communication system to assist with Parent-Teacher-School communications. This includes student attendance and absence notes, excursion permission slips, newsletters, calendars and much more. This app is a tool used for simple communications between parents and the school, and is not a replacement for face to face and verbal contact with parents/teachers.

uEducateUs can be accessed by parents using the app (Apple or Android) or online. For login details please contact the School Office.